Living Life

Living life, the only way I know how and that is by helping others!

Life Defined

Life defined is a human being between birth and death.

Word defined is one’s account of the truth especially when it differs from that of another person.

Simple Tips for Your Life

Including advice for families and individuals

At a young age I had to grow up fast. Having to grow up fast was because of the responsibilities I was given.

My outlet was playing around in our family’s bakery business. I enjoyed watching the bakery ingredients come to life in the workers specialized areas of the bakery. Eventually, these memories of mine led me to open a bakery business for children and their families.

Now, I’m eager to share more with you. It is my hope to connect with each one of you in some way. I want to teach you some basic life skills that go hand in hand with baking and other matters that are close to The Bakers Daughter heart.