Who Are These People?

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All ages of people started to flock in. There were several youth, older adults and homeless families that arrived and more continued to arrive as the night went on.

All that was needed for the people was the smell of some great food being grilled. The smoke-filled air was wonderful to smell, and it brought so many new faces. Some familiar homeless faces and even some local faces. 


Boy does the aroma coming from a BBQ make our appetites accelerate. This wonderful aroma takes over our minds causing us to start thinking of what we will BBQ. We may even think about inviting someone over to join us for a BBQ.

Have you considered the BBQ location? Will it be in the front yard or the back yard? Have you ever considered grilling in the front yard?

It’s easy to retreat to our backyards. It may because, we just worked all day and need time alone. But, why not consider a weekend and have a community BBQ in the front of your yard.


Inviting neighbors over to converse can make a huge impact in each of our lives.

  • Do you think the people you decided to invite will accept your invite?
  • Are the invitees coming over?
  • Hungry for food or for conversation?
  • Or are these people coming over for some other form of attention?

Have you thought about the uninvited just showing up? It’s easy for each one of us to retreat to our own backyard. What would you do if someone shows up at your door and says I’m here to eat, what would you do?

Should we be open to sharing and inviting the uninvited? Afterall, that would mean thinking of others versus ourselves…ouch.

  • If we stay in the back yard we won’t be put in a vulnerable situation.
  • We wouldn’t be approachable.
  • We’d be able to stay guarded.
  • Afterall, isn’t that why we put up fences?  

Would you ever show up on a neighbor’s doorstep and expect to be invited in to eat with them?

What ever happened to everyone doing neighborhood community activities?

Parking Lot

We BBQed in the front of a church and in front of several other businesses. Most of the uninvited were homeless families. Some of these families were found sleeping in their vehicles and others were living in tents.

How would you provide comfort for the homeless? We invited them back for Movies and Popcorn on a weekly basis.

Movie and Popcorn

What an opportunity eating popcorn and watching the movie “Gods Not Dead”.  and at the end of the movie the pastor had an altar call. Some came forward eagerly to accept Christ into their lives. 

There honestly is no better way to end an amazing day. 

God Answers Prayers – Don’t You Ever Forget That!


Over the course of my life, I've experienced so much adversity, mostly because of the words spoken to me. These words spoken from those that have come and gone in my life have also affected me. I'm eager to share more with you when it comes to our words and other matters that are close to my heart. It is my hope to connect with each one of you in some way through my honest to God forgiveness for those that I allowed to have an affect on my life.

One thought on “Who Are These People?

  1. I can’t seem to get the little one off my mind today. They were so loving and accepting of me. Three of them found the spool of ribbon I used to tie down the umbrella. They asked for a little bit of it and were very grateful Jason and I took a minute to cut some for them. How could anyone not want to help those smilingb little faces.
    Thanks Shonna