About this blogging site it will be about sharing a journey when it comes to lifes words. Some of you may not want to be part of and this journey and that is okay.

Over the course of my life, I’ve experienced so much adversity because of the words spoken to me. The words spoken from those that have come and gone in my life have also affected me.

I’m eager to share more with you when it comes to our words and other matters that are close to my heart. It is my hope to connect with each one of you in some way through my honesty. And my willingness to God to forgive those that I allowed to have an affect on my life.

I have a burden to see others learn and grow and I am protective of those under my care.

A little history, I’m what you would have called a third generation baker. Not so long ago I started my own business teaching children how to make, bake and decorate.

Eventually, working with innocent youth led me to wanting to protect girls from being trafficked. Then I got even more involved by working on and off the streets with the girls being trafficked. I taught girls in a group setting and worked one on one with the girls in and out of the juvenile hall using words and a listening ear.

Since, I’ve become a substance abuse counselor.

Only God knows what will be next!

Sharing Is Caring Photo by Disha Sheta on Pexels.com