Coping In Life

Coping with pain as you are hurting inside can be very difficult. Those of us trying to cope with everday life are finding wrong ways to relief their pain. They are grabbing anything to stifle their pain. All while holding it together in its darkest hour thiscould be your finest hour.


  • Whn you have a stressful situation, where do you turn?
  • Do you trust God and if you do is your behavior reflecting your trust in Him?

Lets start at the beginning, God’s ministry consisted of warning Adam not to choose what looked right in his own eyes. Then, the tragedy of that situation is something we live with in our daily lives.

Tragedy Of It All

Our sufferening was because of a tragedy caused by Adam and Eve because they choose their own way.

Only when our situation becomes unbearable we turn to God. And that tends to be because of our desperation. We must humbly repent and ask forgiveness and continue to follow God. If we do not follow God the worldly influences eventually pull us back away from God and His ways.

Back to our own ways are pleasure-seeking selfish desires. Leading us to God and His disciplining us. We suffer from our losses which are mostly material in nature.

Coping Is Learning To Deal With Something Difficult

God can help you cope and He will use anyone in various situations. When God shows you something you are to do in regards to coping, you best take action on it! We must first learn to turn to God for His comfort. We must give Him our everything. Ask Him to bring encouragement into your life.

Reminder, we must learn how to cope with our painful situations and difficulties.

Learn some new coping skills!