Prodigal Son Comes Forward

Sometimes you must go back to the past especially when it comes to a prodigal son. Some time later on during the day a girl by the name of Cheri felt God calling her. She came out to our street ministry to speak about the prodigal son. On this particular night, Rodney came forward he was a homeless man living on the streets of Sacramento, CA

Full Circle

This particular man Rodney once was lost and has been found. He made a huge impact for the community he gave back ten fold!

Kicked Out Of The Area

Some weeks later as we were trying to figure out where we would feed next. We told everyone that we are unaware of were we are going to feed next. But on this particular night as we fed on the streets, we gathered for prayer and to announce we will be in touch with a new location…then, all of a sudden God delivered us so many blessings.

God Answers Prayers

Rodney came out and introduced us to the pastors of the church he was attending. We met Sarai and Sterling who invited us to continue our passion and expand on it at their church. The church happened to be a little ways down the road. They also have a clean and sober housing called “A Second Chance.”

Wow, we now have a building, parking lot, community and pastors thanks to a prodigal son who came forward.

We have been blessed beyond all means. We still have our street ministry and a children’s ministry opportunity. We continue to have all our dedicated homeless friends. They will be attending the new location along with all our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Thank you Sarai and Sterling!

GOD answers prayers!
The Prodigal Son also known as the Lost Son