The Heart Of Our Family Bakery

Owning a Bakery

My bakery life experience started shortly after the year I was born. The heart of our famifly bakery came from my grandfather who came out of the Army as a baker. He purchased a bakery in 1972. Along my grandfather’s side were two of his three sons.

My father James was the youngest of three boys, my father oldest brother George and him both went to work for my grandfather. The middle son Richard choose to stay an auto mechanic.

Bakery Cake Assembly

My grandfather trained a man by the name of Mark to assemble a fruit basket cake in record speed. I couldn’t believe my eyes at how fast he could assemble a cake. Mark spun the cake plate so fast as he filled the various layers of cake with whip cream and fruits. 

The final step was to load the outside of the cake with fresh made whipped cream.  Mark assembled the cake in less than 5 minutes.  The cake sold for $18.75 in the 80’s.

Upon completion of the fruit basket cake Mark would attempt to put the cake in the refrigerated case but, it would be purchased before it hit the shelf.

A Second Chance In The Bakery

Mark was the hardest and fastest worker in the bakery especially when it came to assembling whipped cream cakes. Prior to Mark working for us at the bakery Mark served time in prison. My grandfather gave him a second chance by hiring him and Mark made something of himself while Mark worked at the bakery.

Praise God for this hard worker