My Dream Took Dedication


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Around 2007 The Bakers Daughter started thinking about owning her own business. This dream of owning her own business took dedication.

The Baker’s Daughter had no idea what direction to go exactly. The Bakers Daughter had to think long and hard about what brought her Joy.

What did The Baker’s Daughter enjoy the most when she spent her time at the bakery?

Was it making a product?

Was it learning how to decorate a cake?  

As a young child The Bakers Daughter loved playing with all the bakery supplies and watching ingredients come to life in each person’s workspace. Such memorable events took place during the holidays. This is when everyone worked diligently together. All while the employees and family members spent time working together and eating together.

My Dream Came About

The Bakers Daughter precious memories included her grandma decorating the bakery storefront for the upcoming holidays. We’d shop and decorate the entire front of the bakery.

We had a bay type of window that allowed the by passers to be caught up in the holiday scene. They would stand at the window and gaze as if the scene came alive to them. As if it tugged at their heart strings.

The Bakers Daughter ran with those memories and incorporated them at her daughter’s upcoming birthday party.

The Dream Came Alive

It was then at her daughter’s birthday party that her dream came alive. This is where her dream and the dedication manifested enough to plunge forward.