Helping Others Is To Be Empathetic To Their Situation


To be empathetic is to listen, understand and comfort others in their current situation. To be empathetic is to enter into the grief or happiness of others and have the ability to show empathy which is to feel with others, not just for others. 

We must be willing to deal with and minister to people who have needs that most people feel very uncomfortable working with. We must tend to say the right thing at the right time. Our personality is likely one of a soft-spoken love.

  • Doing something for the greater good to contribute to the betterment of the world.
  • Being involved in helping other people in a direct way either individually or in a small group.  
  • To enjoy helping and advising people.  
  • Tend to be concerned about other people’s welfare.
  • Promote learning and personal development and be interested in human relationships. 
  • Helpful, responsible, warm, cooperative, idealistic, sociable, tactful, friendly, kind, sympathetic, generous, patient and understanding.
  • Enjoy creating new ideas, programs, things or anything else not previously developed by another person.
  • Creative and intuitive.  
  • Work in an unstructured environment where we can use our imagination and our creativity.  
  • Be open, imaginative, original, intuitive, emotional, independent, idealistic and unconventional.

Investigative In Nature

Be vigilant and investigative in nature.

I like to be involved in activities that have to do with ideas and thinking; to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate or solve problems. To search for facts and figure out problems mentally. Analytical, curious, methodical, rational, cautious, independent, precise, reserved, complex, intellectual and modest.  Involved in activities that follow set procedures and routines. Work with data and details. Clerical and numerical ability to carry out tasks in great detail. I am conforming, practical, careful, obedient, thrifty, efficient, orderly, conscientious and persistent.  

Adventure Awaits

Adventure in adversity. What do you prefer doing when it comes to a hands-on activity?

Prefer hands-on activities and I tend to focus on things in the physical world. Enjoy working with tools and machines I enjoy careers that can be performed outdoors. I can be frank, genuine, humble, practical, natural and persistent.  Influence others, I tend to enjoy persuading others to see their point of view.  Work with people and ideas, rather than things.  I can be adventurous, energetic, optimistic, agreeable, extroverted, popular, sociable, self-confident and ambitious.  

When working on a project, I place an emphasis on creating a harmonious relationship with the people I associate with by being tactful and sympathetic to their needs. I see the positive qualities of others and I enjoy helping them improve their well being, their talents and their potential. My approach to work is to set my objectives and perform the tasks required in an orderly way. I make practical decisions in a systematic fashion based on the facts I have on hand along with my own personal values.  

I am interested in occupations where I can work directly with people on a cooperative basis, communicate and interact with them on a face-to-face basis and provide comfort and care to those in need. Assertive leader which requires good work habits and strong character. It is important to always speak calmly and clearly. I must remain open to ideas other than my own if these ideas help me achieve my goal.

Caring/Compassionate to help people in need, treat people kindly, be sensitive to other people’s feelings.  

Courteous/Polite is showing respect to friends and family that you show to strangers and the elderly. I have a good ear to listen when others are speaking.  

Dependable/Reliable people can count on me. I am punctual, I plan ahead, I am always prepared.  When I give my word that I will something, I do it.Diligent to stick to a task until I complete or master it. Practice, practice, practice. Limit distractions and focus on the task at hand. I set small goals on my path to a larger achievement.  Disciplined is having self-control of my actions.  Do the hardest step first. Document my actions to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I am patient, good things come to those who wait.  Enthusiastic about what I am doing. I always have an activity to look forward to. Surround myself with enthusiastic people, it can be contagious. Appreciate everything I have.

Fair/Impartial means I am able to look at a situation without taking sides. 

I look at the whole picture, not just one aspect of it. I do my best to separate feelings and facts.

Able to pay attention and avoid distractions.  Plan ahead, so I know what I need to do and when I need to do it. Turn off the distractions when I need to get something done. I will meditate on it. I tell the truth every day of my life, no lying, no cheating not stealing. If my honesty may hurt someone’s feelings, I will speak with kindness.

I know I have more to learn. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses including me. Appreciate how others have contributed to my successes.

I must be objective and not make comparisons. I am nice to those around me. Being kind is not motivated by self-interest. I love people for who they are both positive and negative. Making time in my life to spend with others is important.

Will stand by someone or something even when times get tough. Motivated to take action without being reminded or prompted. Know what’s going on around me, by looking around not just straight ahead.  Pay attention and take mental notes.  Use my five senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Must remain patient by not whining or complaining. Respectful for other people’s feelings or possessions.  Speak with intention while being courteous and polite to others. Take control of my actions and my obligations. Don’t make excuse I take ownership.  Agree to not do more for the person than I think I can handle.  I am punctual and will follow-through. Speak it is from the heart where I really mean it.  I don’t look to others to validate my self-worth. It is important to embrace differences in others, I try to make people around me feel comfortable.  I will not participate in personal attacks. Trustworthy others know they can confide in me.  Will not gossip.  

Would describe myself as ambitious and I have many goals that I have set for myself. Like to have a sense that my current actions are moving me forward toward a better future. A hardworking person who likes to take care of my responsibilities before I let myself have fun. Believe strongly in the importance of fulfilling my duties and I never try to weasel out of a task that is my responsibility.

Have an appreciation for structure and order in my life and I like to stay organized.  elieve in there is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Identify with the feelings of others and are sympathetic when others are suffering. 

Don’t mind being around people experiencing difficult emotions and in fact, I feel called to help and support people who are troubled. Called to care for others who are less fortunate or less capable than myself.  Enjoy providing for others and are often drawn to children, the elderly and others who can benefit from my help. Exploring cause and effect and I tend to ask “why”.  Not content to accept things as they are, I prefer to search for deeper answers and I have a sense of the big picture. Helping others to adapt to their needs when I can.  I am not one to argue.  To see things from another person’s point of view even if I don’t agree. I tend to support other people in their opinions.

Love meeting new people and I am far from shy when it comes to approaching someone.  I am a master of small talk and finding things in common and I like having a large circle of friends and acquaintances.  

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