Trafficked Girls

Incarcerated Girls

Is the word “incarcerated girls” hard words for you to hear? If not, how does the word trafficked girls affect you?

As I sat and listened to two victims share their stories. I couldn’t help but, ask each of them, what words do you girls need to hear from us when we come in and visit?

Questions you may want to ask the incarcerated

  1. What gets you caught up illegal matters?
  2. How many times have you been locked up?
  3. What is your family life-like?
Trafficked Children Photo by Markus Spiske on

Passing Out Flowers To The Girls

There were several weekends we walked the streets of Sacramento passing out flowers to the trafficked girls.

We love seeing the trafficked girls eyes light up when they see a bunch of flowers coming towards them. It’s like bringing color into their lives.

These precious children (victims) are in fear of asking for any kind of help, especially when their trafficker is nearby.

It’s a blessing to serve God this way.

A Smile

Do you know what it feels like to bring a smile to the hurting? Especially, when the girls don’t have to perform an act for another.

It’s amazing to see how a simple and an unplanned event can make all the difference in the world.

All these trafficked girls know is to get something you must do something.

Gods unconditional love shows up when they are least expecting it.

Although this is a time of pain, there is so much joy and hope for these girls who are being trafficked.

What Is Spiritual Warefare Exactly?

Our night started with a goal to hand out flowers to the girls walking the streets, we made signs to hold in our hands, we played music and asked the bypasses if they needed prayer. During this time I recognized three men that we had fed on the streets many times.

As the time approached 10:00 p.m. a security officer asked us to leave because it was unsafe for us to be out there.

So we gathered up our stuff and headed to the hamburger joint nearby. We invited one of our homeless friends we saw on the street to dine with us.

While we socialized a homeless couple came into the hamburger joint, they joined us. As we conversed they shared their faith with us. They said they lost everything and fell under undo hardship and got wrapped up in using drugs.

When One Business Closes Another Business Opens Within Minutes

Fast Food Restaurant Closed and The Trafficking Drive Thru Opened

The restaurant was set to close, your asked to leave, you head out, the lights dim. You pray with the homeless, you walk to your vehicle. A few cars pull up and park, it’s now a drive up for ordering girls. A dark haired girl walks towards the vehicle, wearing tight black pants, drugged out beyond all means. You ask her from a short distance if she needs prayer. She walks past without making eye contact with you, fighting back the tears, she proceeds to the vehicle, converses with the man in the drivers seat and you wonder how did this all come to be?

The enemy tends to seek you out when he knows there will be a significant impact for the Kingdom of God.

Parents Using Their Children

I met a young man who shared how his parents were using their children for their gain. He shared with me things that others struggle with in confessing and sharing openly with others. Openly he showed me the areas he shoots up heroin. He also shared that his parents got him started and that he is their drug dealer.

This young man knows right from wrong. He loves his daughter so much that he visits her daily. He refuses to live with the mom and daughter because of his addictions and his drug dealings.